Karaoke Microphone Bonus MB-9000S

Micro karaoke Bonus MB-9000S

Micro karaoke Bonus MB-9000S

Micro karaoke Bonus MB-9000S

Micro karaoke Bonus MB-9000S is a professional line of professional quality wireless karaoke microphones, beautifully designed and luxurious. Bonus MB-9000S is a product researched and developed by Bonus Audio – manufacturer of audio equipment, professional karaoke equipment, advanced technology.

Micro Bonus MB-9000S is suitable for home karaoke rooms and professional karaoke rooms. This is a high-end wireless microphone karaoke with advanced features such as automatic wave detector, accelerometer sensor, super sensitive sensor for battery saving, high sensitivity, …. That is the ability to reproduce high-quality sound, for singing more honest and professional.

Automatic detection of clean waves:

This is a special feature, totally new on the Bonus MB-9000S  karaoke microphone line. With the ability to automatically detect clean waves, the Micro Bonus MB-9000S can detect the optimum, cleanest wave frequencies for crystal clear, unobtrusive and most distinctive clearing. Symmetrical wave and weak wave

Acceleration sensor:

Micro Bonus MB-9000S is the first wireless microphone integrated with accelerometer sensor. When you accidentally dropped the microphone on the floor, the accelerator sensor will operate, and the microphone will automatically interrupt the signal with the receiver so that no sound is struck between the microphone and the floor.

Ultra-sensitive sensor, maximizes battery life:

In addition to the Micro Bonus MB-9000S acceleration sensor features a very sensitive thermal sensor. When you do not use and set the desk microphone for about 5 seconds, the microphone will automatically shut off the signal and if within 3-5 minutes if you do not use the microphone again will power off itself, helping you save maximum battery power and remove current The microphone hisses when placed close together. Micro Bonus MB-9000S is very energy-saving, under normal conditions maximum battery life of the microphone can be up to 12 hours.

High Sensitivity:

As with other karaoke microphones on the market, the MB-9000S has a high sensitivity, which makes the sound extremely clear and especially without missing a microphone when you put the microphone away from your mouth. In addition, the Micro Bonus MB-9000S has two rear sensitivity buttons for setup.

Luxurious design, high durability:

The micro is designed with super hard alloys in addition to being coated with a scratch-resistant Nano, water resistant, anti-fingerprint and anti-silver. With a modern design combining the Nano coating on the micro body, the micro MB MB-9000S adds classiness and elegance. Accompany it’s high shock resistance when dropped, helping to protect the device inside.

The product is distributed and the genuine warranty by Phan Nguyen Audio.

  • Manufacturer: Bonus Audio
  • Product type: Micro karaoke, micro không dây,…
  • Product code: Bonus MB-9000s
  • Wave: UHF
  • Frequency: 740MHz – 790MHz
  • Noise Ratio: 0.5%
  • Transmission range: 1000m
  • Balance and volume control ports for each microphone