Karaoke Microphone Bonus MB-6000

Karaoke Microphone Bonus MB-6000

Micro karaoke không dây Bonus Audio MB-6000

To find a set of micro singing karaoke for good quality sound, light, but that is not simple. Bonus Audio – A manufacturer of professional karaoke audio equipment, introducing the Wireless Micro Karaoke Bonus MB-6000. This is a line of high quality wireless microphone products, suitable for singing karaoke, yard

Good tuning capability:

  • Micro Bonus MB-6000 high quality, good catch waves in bad weather environments. Long distance reception up to 100m. Automatic wave detector, limited disturbance.

Modern design:

  • Micro Bonus MB-6000 is elegantly designed, elegantly designed, elegant grip design allows users to feel comfortable in the hand, antibacterial mesh sanitary standards.
  • The receiver can operate with more than 200 frequency channels that allow users to freely choose not to match the frequencies of other microphones. The exterior design is made of impact-resistant steel and scratched and painted in a beautiful purple color.

Modern sensor features:

  • Bonus MB-6000 is equipped with self-break when placed down the table. Microphone Bonus MB-6000 will automatically shut down the microphone after 3 seconds, after 5 minutes the microphone will switch to the battery-saving mode, after 15 minutes the microphone will turn off the power. With such a self-shutter, there is no squeaking.
  • The micro MB-6000 is specially designed for karaoke, with a wide angle of view, so it does not require a skilled microphone.

Superior sound

  • With professional karaoke microphones, MID plays a very important role. Micro Bonus MB-6000 helps MID escape lightly, the singing becomes fuller and warmer.

Products are sold and genuine warranty at PHAN NGUYEN AUDIO

  • Manufacturer: Bonus Audio
  • Product Type: Wireless Microphone
  • Product Code: Bonus MB-6000
  • Frequency range 740 – 790MHz
  • Operating Frequency: FM
  • Band width is 50MHz
  • Number of channels 200
  • Channel spacing 250KHz
  • Frequency Stability ± 0.005%
  • 100dB operating range
  • Peak distortion ± 45KHz
  • 80Hz – 18KHz audio response (± 3dB)
  • Full SNR SNR> 105 dB
  • Total deformation ≤ 0.5%
  • Operating temperature -10oC – 40oC
  • Tunable 100 x 2 channels
  • Phase-locked loop oscillator (PLL) synthesized frequency
  • Constant frequency plus or minus 10 PPM
  • Frequency shift switching mode Secondary
  • How to Pilot Digital Pilot
  • Sensitivity of the receiver: – 95 – – 95 DBM
  • Frequently call the 40-18000 hz tone
  • Very low distortion coefficient; 0.5% or less
  • Noise Signal Ratio 110 db or higher
  • Two-way audio output: Balance and Synthesis
  • Transmission power 3-30 mw
  • Modulation Frequency Modulation (FM)
  • Voltage:
    • 100-240 – v 50-60 hz 12 VDC adapter (switch)
    • 12 VDC or 220 VAC / 50-60 Hz (linear power supply)
  • Power consumption is 10 watts or less
  • Warranty 12 months