Power Amplfier Bonus E-2800

Main Power Bonus E-2800

Bonus Audio introduces the E-2800 Main Power Bonus line. This is the Main Power Class D with the advantages of lightweight design and high performance stability, which is being selected by many customers to equip their sound system. One of the newest products on the market today is the Main Power Bonus E-2800. This is a 2 channel power amplifier, advanced class D technology for top quality audio, honest. This is the sound equipment, professional karaoke equipment from the brand Bonus Audio. Bonus E-2800 pushers are compact in size but power up to 1350W / 4Ω or 750W / 8Ω.

With the high performance of Class D technology over 80% and up to 95%, that explains why the Main Power Bonus E-2800 is neatly designed, not as bulky as the push lines. Other Class H or Class AB products but still high power, powerful sound, subtle.

With a weight of only 4kg and a size of 48.2cm x 4.4cm x 16.5cm extremely compact, it can be easily moved when going to show, or go to assemble the project or project. Accompanying that is the flexibility of the setup process, it takes only 10 seconds to 20 seconds to be able to setup a professional sound system, large capacity.

Main Power Bonus E-2800 is designed on the modern Class D technology, using AutoVolt AC 95-245V, DC 120-240V / 50hz-60hz, so it can operate stably in low voltage areas, Unstable without investing large voltages for the main power, because the main source Autovolt self-stabilized and highly adaptable to the power source.

  • Manufacture: Bonus Audio
  • Product type: Cục đẩy công suất, power amplifier.
  • Code: E-2800
  • Channel: 2 channel
  • AutoVolt Power: AC 95-245V, DC 120-240V
  • Power RMS: 1350W/4Ω/CH 750W/8Ω/CH
  • Bridge Power: 1500W or 1000W/8ohm 
  • Class D Technology
  • THD: <0.003%
  • S/N Ratio: 112 dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz    +/-0.25 dB
  • Damping Factor: >1000
  • Transfer Rate: 80V/us
  • Input Resistance: 30K
  • Input Sensitivity: 0.775V
  • Specification: 2U,  52.9 x 22.5 x 8.3 cm