Overview of adjusting Equalizer (EQ).

Techniques applied in the equalizer circuit is usually frequency filter circuits, with the advancement in the design of the circuit, the frequency filter circuit today are varied and versatile. In audio filter circuits typically operate in frequency ranges from 20Hz ~ 20KHz audio.


General principles of the filter circuit included.

No filter frequency: a signal included in the filter circuit any how, then it comes out of that. Specifically, as the Bypass function Equalizer, Equalizer In / Out.

The frequency of filter: How much depends on the actual user needs and placement of filter design is that the filters have different frequency ranges. Each frequency band is named a representative frequency, frequency representation when the center frequency of the frequency range, there is the lowest frequency in the frequency range, there is the highest frequency in the range such frequency.

Cut filter or filter for adoption: Low functions like cut / HPF (high pass frequency) be interpreted as filtering out low frequency to high frequency to pass, or LPF (low pass frequency) / Hi cut, this circuit backwards with vessels on the high frequency filter out low frequency retained.

Able to lift large or small decrease (boot / cut) of the filtered frequency ranges: ± 3 dB, ± 6 dB, ± 12 dB.
Ability to change the frequency you want to filter (sweep frequency).
Ability to change the width / narrow range of frequencies you want to filter (bandwidth).
Combine all of the above functions.
These aspects can not be edited almost 1 Equalizer.

Do not alter the height of the sound.

Do not alter the harmonic structure of sounds such as:
If there is someone singing or playing 1 1 instrument distorted tone.
You can not use 1 Equalizer features eliminate ring (sustain) the sound or the echo of space.
A gas side, absolutely can use 1 Equalizer for editing.
Equalization imbalance in the harmonic structure of a sound and superior harmonic reduction, bringing the harmonic tends to decline.

Feedback Control: Controlling phenomenon with graphic feedback equalizer 31 band (1/3 octave).

Any sound system when the installation is complete, it rarely has a flat response, its response is a combination of response of all the equipment and finally to the room.

As we increase the system time, the highest peak in the response tends to generate feedback first and then continue to the next set.

Me through sequential steps:
All lever positions taken between (0dB) then we increase the intensity of the system slowly until the howling occurs first.
Find the lever with the frequency corresponding to the howling down from from this need until the howling stops.
Continued increases in intensity to the 2nd howls, mitigation levers on the corresponding EQ frequency.
Continue repeating until we increase the intensity up but no longer howling.
At this point the system’s intensity increased significantly, the highest intensity, we need to reduce the intensity down to have a stable operating system.

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