The deciding factor in choosing a capacity Amply karaoke

When choosing whether made amplifier karaoke or amplifer music and we often choose the capacity of the optical amplifier as important criteria. Does capacity is important specifications of a amply? The listener can experience says with a pair of 8 ohm, average sensitivity, 90 dB and a wide listening area approximately 20 m2, the power amplifiers needed for comfortable listening at just 20 – 25 W RMS (Root Mean Squared) – The output power of the amplifier really is enough and would not exceed a maximum of 40W (real power). So, essentially we keep investing in the power amplifier with the balance than is required for ordinary use. With the listening room size 25-30 m2, 90 dB speaker and listen to a moderate level, you purchase a real power semiconductor amplifiers 60-70 W is



Key factors determining the choice when buying amplifier karaoke.

amply karaoke jarguar pa-506n

Amply karaoke jarguar pa-506n

  • The sensitivity (sensitivity) and the impedance of the speakers: Speakers have higher sensitivity just small power amplifier. However the speakers are considered “stubborn”, low impedance 4 Ohm, 90 dB lower sensitivity to high capacity amplifier, large output current (usually more kind inserted parallel power factor).
  • The size and layout of the listening room: A large room or contain multiple fixtures often requires larger power amplifiers little room and few belongings. By sound we hear is the sum of the direct sound from the speakers and the sound reflective walls, ceilings, floors … The wider listening room, the furniture as much as to cause reflex sound attenuators make the smaller listening room feel small.
  • The distance from the speakers to the listener: This factor does not depend on the size of the listening room. If you sit far from the speakers, even in a small room you’ll still need a larger power amplifier.
  • The intensity of sound you often hear: if you like to sing lively songs, music remixes, you must choose the high-capacity amply karaoke. However, if you like romantic music, light music, then you can choose the power amplifier is moderate.

So when buying amplifier karaoke, you want to choose high-capacity ampy should choose what kind loud, heavy, large electrical power consumption, the new speaker output power really is.