Distinction Karaoke microphones Dynamic and Condenser

Mic devices can not least in karaoke, it directly affects the quality of your audio karaoke. Currently on the market there are 2 types of microphones are used for karaoke microphone karaoke electrodynamic type (Dynamic) and karaoke microphones capacitive type (Condenser). However, many people will not distinguish these two types karaoke microphone. Together we learn two types of this popular micro.

Karaoke microphone electrodynamic type (Dynamic): This type of karaoke microphones typically used in the karaoke bar, or at home. Structures of this type of microphone is quite simple, easy to use, on the reliability, quality, realistic sound and low cost. Components of this microphone like a speaker, it consists of an extremely thin diaphragm is attached to a very thin copper coil, copper coil of the microphone is placed in a magnetic gap of a magnet block. Upon receiving sound waves from the outer diaphragm will vibrate with the frequency response of the sound and also vibrate copper coil under, the copper coils vibrate when in a magnetic slot will generate an alternating electric current put the first two conductors and is amplified by the power amplifier and mixer.

micro dynamic shure

Micro dynamic shure

micro dynamic

Micro dynamic

Micro karaoke capacitive type (Condenser): This is a highly sensitive microphone, honest timbre, not lose the bass market so far as, in accordance with the professional karaoke. This microphone type is made up of one piece of piezoelectric material that is on the surface of the pieces of this nature will appear opposite charges when it is compressed or stretched. One side of the piece of material will connect with mass (aluminum casing of the microphone). The other side of a connection with G pole mosfet. Chan S of mosfet D connector pins are uncovered mass. When the sound is on the surface of the piezoelectric pieces have opposite charges on two aspects ie piezoelectric pads will have crazy pressure. This voltage control in extreme G of mosfet. Mosfet amplifier for the output signal. Due to the characteristics and properties of this type of microphone should normally be used in the recording studio to get the most standard audio.

micro condenser samson

Micro condenser samson

micro condenser

Micro condenser