Sub loudspeaker using to achieve the best performance.

With a professional karaoke system, subwoofer is a device indispensable. If you want your karaoke stereo sound quality, you need comprehensive subwoofer. However, if you own a subwoofer, you need to use the right way and then select the appropriate location will feel the value of your investment subwoofer.


Loa Sub karaoke

Select subwoofer placement

Choosing where to place the subwoofer (subwoofer) audio system to hear fuller bass sound, how for its bass harmony with the sound of other speakers fit is not right of user What use is unknown. The subwoofer should be set low, about 30cm above the ground is the most sensible.


Due to the special structure of its bass subwoofer should listen to other than bass or bookshelf column. The subwoofer is designed to generate the lowest bass frequency range at a slow speed, not the bass detail, fast, simple and clear as in the normal bass. If reasonable arrangement, sound will become gentle, quiet, not too strong. However, the sound is very heavy, tired, strained.

Harmony between the subwoofer and the entire system will be easier to achieve than when you buy the full set of speakers from the same manufacturer as they will work together more smoothly. If you still choose a subwoofer of other manufacturers, use a control knob on the speakers to the subwoofer sound coordination with the system sound.

How to align the subwoofer button.

Typically rear subwoofers had several buttons, jacks with a variety of parameters. This arrangement can make amateurs with audio momentarily confused. But if you look closely can see quite clearly functions and simple. How to play simple and most effective signal wiring from the amplifier / preamplifier to the road “Sub in” rear subwoofer (or on some sub topic is LFE / Direct / Bypass …).


Control Panel of Subwoofer speaker

Volume control buttons to adjust the volume effect (sound intensity) emitted from the subwoofer. Panel buttons too big, super bass sound dominating, causing too much bass, heavy listen. Panel is too small, the effect of creating sub will not clear.

Cutoff frequency controls to set the cutoff frequency for the speakers. The cutoff frequency is the frequency at which the transfer takes place between the subwoofer sound and the remaining speakers. The frequencies below the cutoff frequency subwoofer will be undertaken. If you adjust the cutoff frequency too low, the sound will appear one strip around was “extremely disappointed”, in which frequencies are “abandoned”, the speaker not to blame. Set the cutoff frequency for the subwoofer too high also makes the combination of asynchronous speakers. Therefore, finding the right frequency for the subwoofer cut is very important to get the harmony of the whole system sound. Most manuals of speakers this kind user guide how to set the cutoff frequency. Typically, the cutoff frequency of the subwoofer lower the better. The selected frequency cutoff point is important, because this is one of the factors determining the harmonious combination between subwoofer and main speakers, need calibration so that the listener does not notice the deficiencies or overlapping frequencies between the two speakers.

Button adjustment phase (phase) form a standing switch or a potentiometer. Imagine two sound waves emitted simultaneously from the subwoofer and full range speakers. For many reasons, the two sound waves can be out of phase or reverse phase. Knob helps make late phase of subwoofer wave to emit simultaneously with ordinary wave speaker. When there is an overlap between the acoustic wave phase, the sound will become more unified, more harmonious.

To adjust for different acoustic waves in phase, you can listen and ask a phase adjustment knob until you see the most soft bass. Despite sound subwoofer almost no directivity, but the position of the subwoofer also affects the amount of bass and voice collaboration capabilities between the subwoofer and other speakers in the system. Place, strip downs will become clear, solid, flexible and decisively, and speakers will match the entire sound rest. But, if misplaced, it will emit the bass heavy, slow, lacking in detail … and you will feel the subwoofer and the speakers remaining sporadic performances, there’s nothing to eat in with each other . If you want to hear more powerful subwoofer, place it near the seat because the sound heard when he will go straight to the headset more, you do not have to hear the sound reflections.

The final step is to adjust the volume of the sub. Some people are “addicted” to the bass (bass freak) could push sub’s a bit bigger than the overall level of the main speakers. Meanwhile, the system will lose the balance of the band and the bass-minded. For those who prefer the harmony, the volume of the subwoofer will be adjusted to suit the volume of the main speakers. In this case, the sound of the system can reach the most balanced and harmonious.

It should be noted again, the subwoofer should not place himself between two walls. For example, room 6 m wide, you should not put speakers from each wall 3 m. Similarly, do not place the subwoofer in the corner of the room with well spaced from the speaker to the two side walls.