The misconception when buying audio equipment.

When you choose to buy karaoke equipment,or sound equipment music, you often emotional choice, specifications of the product, or as a cost. Therefore, you may choose wrong, or charge you.

The common mistake when you choose to buy audio equipment:

Select speakers will double capacity to double: This is a totally wrong perspective. Because of the magnitude of the sound depends on the sensitivity of the speakers. A formula to calculate this is that the capacity increased 10 times, the sound intensity (loudness) will increase by 10 dB and the sound will be twice the original. In fact, a speaker with a capacity of approximately 100W is priced much lower than 500W speakers with sensitivity, but only about 6 dB inferior only. So around 120W is more than enough for all the needs of ordinary families.

The sound system was integrated safety features: Some people think that manufacturers have calculated the available production emits magnitude of speakers so as not to influence the listener, whether Time is how long heard. This is a totally wrong concept and will affect your hearing if you do not change this thinking. Currently, most of the sound system on the market can generate a huge negative, can cause significant impact to the listener’s hearing.

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The more expensive speaker wire as possible: On the theory of the manufacturers and providers of sound equipment, good speaker wire will produce a higher sound quality compared to lower-quality speaker cable. However reality in many scientific experiments made by SoundAdviceBlog, are not given the same conclusion. Because the listener hardly distinguish the difference between the sound coming from the speakers using conventional wiring and speaker cables using expensive kind. To further prove this conclusion, it has removable devices such as speakers, CD players, amplifiers … and see that there is the small wire connectors from the circuit board or processor to the terminal. For that reason, before going through the expensive wires, audio signal through this small piece of wire. This makes the sound quality does not differ too big even when using expensive wire.

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Speakers as expensive as possible: This is a concept that had caused so much controversy. Since users often assume that something must give more money to possess better surely cheaper products. However, this was not a correct concept. Like a coat, you feel beautiful but not necessarily other people feel the same. Each person will have a separate evaluation. And so sound, headphones and the ability to sense the sound of each person will be different. Therefore without any device is the “best”, “best” that only the proper equipment for the needs of different uses of each person. There are expensive speakers using diamond as diaphragm, but not necessarily have deep timbre and sound represents true classical instruments such as diaphragm wood. So when buying speakers, or other audio device, you should carry with your favorite album, listen to a few times to feel the sound and be able to assess the quality of products the most in relative terms.

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When choosing to buy audio equipment you should bring along people who have the expertise, or to the prestigious shops to the best advice.