Function and structure of subwoofer

Subwoofer is a speaker specially designed to reproduce the lowest negative stories, role in the bass.


Today, the karaoke in the professional karaoke room or at home are subwoofers (subwoofers). Subwoofer for bass sounds karaoke to is essential. Currently on the market there are 2 types of subwoofers: steam subwoofers and subwoofer power.

Subwoofer amplifier uses its own steam. Amply user must have the capacity to produce enough bass, the new circular are. Capacity depends and sensitivity (sensitivity) of the speakers and the size of the room.


Subwoofer power amplifier integrated inside to the nature and parameters of the amplifier and speakers go together.


Design subwoofers have many different kinds.

Down-firing subwoofer: speaker driver directions to the floor so the floor audio guide


Front-firing subwoofer (speaker driver straight forward) play sound from the edge or from the center of the cabinet. Also some enclosures with additional holes in order to increase the bass.


A different kind of enclosures use passive membrane to increase accuracy. Films can be passive speaker cone or membrane flat no.

Typically, a subwoofer with crossover, 100 Hz cutoff frequency. The crossover network is a circuit and inductors used for electronic signal distribution to the sub, mid, tweeter. The lower frequency cutoff frequency will produce subwoofer.

The subwoofer is very difficult to hear indicates the direction the sound emitted by the deep bass sound with low frequencies below the ear long people can feel like they can just feel the earthquake is happening and not be determine what direction they come from. Therefore, the subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room, depending on room size, floor, room furnishings and wall structures. However, the best location for the subwoofer is the front of the room, left and right main speakers.


Type subwoofer that you choose will depend on the nature of the room and your liking. When shopping for a subwoofer to bring his music to go, if you can hear the bass through various subwoofer. Also try to put the sub in many different locations in the room to see what positions sound the best. Also need to pay attention to the home position. If you are on the top floor of the dormitory can not down-firing speakers use (the speaker driver is facing down), so it will affect the neighbors. In some cases if two subwoofers integrated into the system can create sound better, especially in the large room. Subwoofer does not necessarily loud, but just make and deep. You should choose a dedicated sub speaker on each type of home audio equipment you. Because music is different subwoofer karaoke, sub movies. You should seek the advice of experts or someone who knows about sound equipment.

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