Subwoofer Bonus PASUB-12FAB


Subwoofer Bonus PASUB-12FAB

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Bonus PASUB-12FAB Subwoofer is a professional subwoofer line, caste, convergence of the most advanced technologies in the field of sound, accompanied by beautiful appearance, luxury. Bonus PASUB-12FAB subwoofer products are researched and developed by Bonus Audio – Manufacturer of audio equipment, professional karaoke equipment, modern.

  • Power circuit board, crossovers … are designed with aluminum block structure on a seamless optimal thermal dissipation. Beautiful and definitely
  • Strong capacity, designed crossover circuit capable advanced phase displaced from 0 degrees to 180 degrees, making optimal customization capabilities. From 25Hz frequency response – 180Hz.
  • The auto-power on-off.
  • The outstanding components are carefully selected and assembled on automated SMT (Surface Mount Technology) line.
  • Bonus PASUB-12FAB Subwoofer with capacity up to 550W Rms.

With beautifully designed, luxurious sound quality together with high peak Bonus PASUB-12FAB can suit any space and ease of use coupled with the device placed karaoke or other professional karaoke. Products are Phan Nguyen Audio distribution company and genuine warranty up to 2 years.

Manufacturer Bonus Audio
Speaker System Subwoofer Speaker
Configuration 1speaker
Input signal L&R RCA Jack, L&R Banana jack
Output signal L&R RCA Jack, L&R Banana jack
Compatible Inputs 2,0 channer
Adjustment Sound Bass Level, Low Pass Filter, Phase
RMS Power 550W (RMS)
Impedance 4 Ω
Frequency range ( -10 dB ) 40Hz ~ 180Hz
Frequency response ( ± 3 dB ): 40Hz ~ 150Hz
Sensitivity ( 1W / 1m ) 85dB
Noise Compression ratio S/N >75 dB
Karaoke functions Không
Use Karaoke, Ampli, …
Light display Không
Color Đen
Brackets for Speaker Có (chân gỗ HDF)
Remote Không
Power 115/230V – 50Hz
Total capacity 450VA
Dimensions (WxDxH,mm) 450W x 450D x 450H (mm)
Weight 41 Kg
Warranty 2 Năm