Bonus KP-10F Speaker

Professional Speaker Bonus KP-10F

Loa Bonus KP-10F

Bonus Audio Introducing the premium speaker KP-12F, this is the speaker product line dedicated karaoke, theater stage, theater. The KP-12F bonus loudspeaker delivers superior audio performance over any other type of speaker on the market, giving you more baying sound.


  • Bonus KP-12F karaoke speaker system is designed for demanding karaoke, stage, and outdoor audio events requiring high quality sound.
  • With a side-by-side design that creates a wide angle of view, it allows the sound to go farther and fits in well with the sound of the song.
  • Bonus KP-12F Karaoke Speaker uses a 12-inch bass speaker with a powerful 375W power output, which will be an option that you can refer to for your audio system, for a more efficient use with a reasonable price, competitive.
  • Manufacturer : Bonus Audio
  • Origin : Việt Nam (Technology USA)
  • Power rms: 750w
  • Program 1200w / highest 2200w
  • Frequency range ( ±3dB ) : 50Hz – 18KHz
  • Frequency Response ( – 6dB ) : 47Hz – 18KHz
  • Sensitivity ( 1w / 1m ) : 102dB –
  • Rated SPL frequency : 133dB –
  • Impedance : 
  • Dimensions : 572mm×353mm×380mm
  • Weight : 18Kg

Loa Bonus KP-10F