Derived from the actual needs more specific to easily compare the sound, coordinating the devices. Phan Nguyen Company has developed products BONUS SW BOX VAS 268 use wireless remote. BONUS SW BOX VAS 268 is a device used to COMPARISON – combines audio, PICTURES between different brands, different models, choose optimal combination between equipments.

Switch box Bonus SW  VAS 268

  1. Connect 08 speakers
    • Can choose any one of 08 speakers.
    • Can be any combination of 02 pairs for parallel vegetarian of 08 speakers, deciding loudspeaker speaker combination for specific sounds most reasonable.
  2. Connect speakers subwoofer
    • Connect to music out location, just for the music.
    • Connect Hight power out- Sub port level output port microphone and speaker both language tracks.
    • Connect jack lotus sub port out – signal (gate signal vpp 1.6) port to the sound of the microphone signal and music.
  3. Connect 06 or main power amplifier.
    • Can choose any 01 of 06 amps.
  4. Connect 02 player.
    • May choose, convert 1 in 02 player.
    • Connect to the switch box video standard, stereo.
  1. Safety Note:
    • The right speaker output jack using 6mm type well withstand high-power electrical current to the speakers. The 6mm weld from the speaker jack to be sure.
  2. Connect :
    • Speakers: South sure speaker wire into the speaker output jack 6mm plug into L and R, the other end of the rope attached to the speakers.
    • Amplifier: South sure speaker wire into the speaker jack plugged into the audio input 6mm of sw-box, the other end attached to the amplifier. Connect the audio signal jack lotuses from sw-box to the amplifier (signal to the amplifier) ports by 01 to 06 corresponds to the input of the speakers below (speaker in).
    • Subwoofer can choose connect one of the following ways:
      Only the music in subwoofer jack connection with lotus flowers at the gate music microphones out .ca language and music are on the subwoofer, speaker wire welding in 6 mm jack plug into the power port Hight level Sub out- head rest attached to wire 02 pile Speaker of the sub. Both language and music microphones are in subwoofer, connect jack lotus sub port out – signal (gate signal 1.6 VPP) head rest attached to the gate of the sub input jack Lotus.
    • Connect the player to the 02 signal sw-box video-audio port or video-audio in 1 in 2, connected television to the video out port.
  1. Press the 1-8 keys on the remote normal to select each pair of speakers. Briefly (time 30% of 1 second) consecutive 2 to choose 02 pairs of speakers once, for example, press 1 and press 2 repeatedly – speakers No. 1 and No. 2 will simultaneously be connected, respectively Similarly may choose any loudspeaker system.
  2. Press 9 on the remote to select 1 or 2 player.
  3. Press 10 to 15 to select the amplifier.

Images of switch box audio Bonus SW VAS 268

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