Smart Battery Charger Bonus C-20P

Smart Battery Charger Bonus C-20P

Bộ sạc pin thông minh Bonus C-20P

Bộ sạc pin thông minh Bonus C-20

Smart battery charger Bonus C-20P is the premium battery chargers, incorporating many key features such as battery capacity measurement, customized for each source voltage batteries, custom charging time for each member. Bonus C-20P charger suitable for use where a large amount of rechargeable batteries such as karaoke, hall and stage. This product was researched and developed by Bonus Audio – Manufacturer of audio equipment, professional karaoke equipment modernization.


  • Smart battery charger C-20P Bonus rechargeable batteries simultaneously 20 for common types of rechargeable batteries such as AA, AAA, NiHM / NiCd. You can apply for each member function rechargeable battery. Using 100V ~ 220V power source, 12V Gated.
  • Bonus C-20P can the ability to customize battery charger line from 400mAh to 1800mAh, charging time that is filled with a 2100mAh AA-batteries can range from more than 1 hour to 6. Moreover, you can adjust parameters for each battery slot.
  • Smart battery charger C-20P Bonus Discharge function (intelligent battery discharge function). This is a great function, it will completely exhaust the leftover energy in each new battery charging is finished. This feature will help increase battery life and time in accordance with such battery manufacturers. Currently, most rechargeable batteries are the new generation NiMH. Therefore Discharge effects were minimized and not necessarily use the exhaust. However, if possible, you should use this function after a few charging cycles normally. So your battery will be the best care.
  • One other attractive functions is Refresh. This is calculated to help restore battery capable of charging the battery after a period of use due to battery bottle. However, this function will take a long time because it uses continuous Discharge function.
  • C-20P Bonus particular function Test (Determination of true capacity of each battery): This is a high-end functionality and originality. You can measure the real capacity of your battery pack is used by the unit mAh. Thereby you will know exactly the quality and condition of the battery is in use, help you compare and choose exactly the best battery brand in the market.
  • LCD screen display operating modes and parameters of the charger of each battery helps the user easily control the operation of the device. Central microprocessor continuously monitors and adjusts the working mode of the chargers that optimize tasks and battery quality care. Multi-tier Protection Functions absolute precision operation helps determine the battery is fully charged and the power interruption which eliminates the “charging force” (continue charging when the battery is full) reduces battery life and amortization electrical energy charges. Automatic mode when the battery is charging compensate fully charged: the charger will detect loss of power of the battery itself and limited to 1 will enable charging back until the battery is full. Fault detection and alarm batteries, alkaline batteries (non-rechargeable batteries), and automatically disconnect power to the battery charger that. Extreme anti-insert design Reverse battery in the charger: to help prevent the risk of electric shock ignition hazard for the user.
  • Manufacturer: Bonus Audio
  • Product Type: Battery Charger
  • Charging code: Bonus C-20P
  • Number of rechargeable batteries: 20 members
  • Rechargeable batteries: AA, AAA, NiHM / NiCd
  • Voltage: 110V – 240V (power on: 12V)
  • Featured functions: Test, Refresh, Discharge, …
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 2 KG
  • 1 year warranty.