Uses of power Amplifier

When we choose the high-end karaoke, professional, our sales staff will be advising the Power Amplifier (aka local push, local capacity, …) instead of the amplifier. So Power Amplifier is what Department? Its use for the Ad professional karaoke? Let’s find out.

Main Power Yamaha SPS 2500

In the audio system of large capacity as a professional karaoke system sound stage, auditorium, Power Amplifier- local capacity is an audio equipment, karaoke equipment is indispensable. It acts as the audio signal amplifier to the loudspeaker. By the ability of the Power Amplifier – pushing local capacity capable of downloading is 2-3 speakers with high capacity & even more than that depending on the type of power main.

Main Power Crest Audio CA18

Bureau helps you sing power push 1 a gentle manner, not be tired when consumers amply karaoke. more particularly convenient local capacity push pairing in karaoke equipment. Department pushed capacity use you will not need to amply and just fitted directly to the speakers.

Department pushed capacity amounts to over 40% typically sound quality. Thus, it plays an important role in staging karaoke system, stage system, hall, … On today’s market, Power Amplifier – pushing capacity locally to bring the majority of different brands: Bonus Audio, Crown, Paevey, Yamaha, VE … for customers that prefer to choose appropriately brought his family.

Currently, Power Amplifier – pushing capacity locally with beautiful designs, sophisticated compact very convenient for the move; affordable fit all of your property and excellent sound quality. Among them, the Power Amplifier of Bonus Audio is designed very compact but very large capacity. This is the Power Amplifier Class D modern technology, large capacity, clear audio. Bonus Audio products include: Main Power Bonus A2, Main Power Bonus D2, Main Power Bonus D4.

Main Power Class D

Main Power Class D

Power Amplifier – pushing capacity Bureau easy interface to most of the large power speakers in the market. The controls are designed to help scientists users easily adjust the sound to your liking.

Main advantages of Power – local capacity is used for high-capacity speakers emit sound intensity strong, loud and clear.

Bureau bigger push capacity for language shift, accurate sound range, intensity stability for powerful sound and very well-known. Technology digital audio digital amplifier using mosfet, treatment of pure and honest sound.

The majority of power connection Main are open to 4 speakers with 2 ports and 2 stations speakon sure, input signals in and out with 4-port noise canon.

You should look to the company that provides sound equipment to be provided prestige and support, and best accuracy.