The importance of power in the sound system.

When you invest in a system of audio equipment, karaoke equipment, or you want to upgrade your sound system, you typically invest in mainly audio equipment such as speakers, amplifiers, signal wire , player, …. But also a very important component, crucial to effective operation and stability of that system is the power source. This is a factor that many people often overlook. A sound system is the synthesis of electronic devices, and helps its second main activity is current. If power is not good, how it can help the whole sound system operation stability and promote all possibilities of sound equipment.

In our country, usually with power from the power plant will be transmitted via the transformer (booster, reduce generation) will be transmitted to the household use. And in fact, the national power grid in our country has not yet really stable, frequent occurrence of electrical interference, insufficient 220V power, frequent rises and falls dramatically. And of course, if these phenomena occur on a regular basis to make sure the equipment the speakers, the amplifier can not stand against, resulting in damaged is normal. In addition, the frequency of the alternating current 50Hz when the actual survey, always fluctuate, sometimes up and down to 3-5%, not only affects the presentation, but also reduces the life of the equipment.

Bộ lọc nguồn điện

Bộ lọc nguồn điện

One solution is used to stabilize and “clean” power source is mains filters. This is an accessory that now players sound very interested. It was born with two main purposes:

Improve power quality by filtering clean rid of all the components is not AC 50Hz (60Hz capitalist system) to the mains.
Bring the safety of use for the user than the conventional type plugs as well as increased aesthetic for stereo.
Also in the modern electrical filters today are more integrated energy storage capacity to respond promptly to the direction of the energy consumption of the amplifier spike in the deluge of music segments.
The reason for the introduction of this device is due to the power supply in our country today is not really stable, prone to the phenomenon of electromagnetic interference, insufficient 220V power, frequent rises and falls dramatically. This problem occurs if only a few times will not affect the equipment, but if often will cause a negative effect on your speakers and amplifier, resulting in damage. In addition, the process of transmitting electricity from low-voltage stations to households, current noise generally, no “clean” due to the influence of electromagnetic devices such as fluorescent lights, radios … Interference electricity will cause a large influence on the quality of sound, causing distortion, interference A pulse power is stable and will not emit lack of bass, mid and treble sounds somewhat blurred.
For that reason, the use of mains filters will help ensure power supplies for audio equipment becomes stable, helping the device work effectively to achieve the best sound quality possible . The power of the brand filters are pretty much Nordost audio players believe with good efficiency will be the choice that you can refer to the past when needed.

Dây nguồn cao cấp
Factors such as the power supply is not “clean”, interference between the audio device is clearly indicated. However, the addition also need to mention the quality of the signal wire from the power source to the device sounds. Electric current is similar to the audio signal. For digital signals from source components to the audio amplifier and speakers from completely amply retain nuances, fidelity, without distortion, the signal wire to very good quality. Just like that, with the treatment equipment has made the power supply is stable, balancing the need to add a good power supply cable to transmit this electricity to completely power the audio equipment in the system Theung. Dedicated power cables will usually have three legs to ensure contact between the plug and the plug. If the power cable is not good, the current “clean” your quality is also greatly reduced. Those are the factors that will affect the power supply to your sound system
It can be affirmed, power supplies and wirings is extremely important. When you have a good power supply, which means you have reduced the noise situation to ensure that the audio output is clear and best quality. In other words, power is like the foundation of the house, if possible, the new house foundation firmly.