Amply tweaking to fit the speaker and microphone.

Whether you own a professional karaoke or ordinary karaoke, you do not know how to tweak accordingly karaoke amplifier with speaker karaoke and karaoke mciro then you will not get sound quality standards, stability and would not deserve the investment you put into it.

Karaoke amplifier production is designed to signal at 0db. Therefore, if you accidentally, or deliberately tweaked signal too high or too low, the sound emitted will not and can affect other karaoke equipment.


Phan Nguyen Audio will help you refine amply that best suits your speaker and microphone:
After completing connecting the device karaoke together, we should turn the master volume to fine tune the more convenient.

  1. Miccro plug into MIC jack, adjust the knob between 12pm ie follow clockwise. Adjust the microphone volume at 11h-1h.
  2. Adjust the position of the buttons Low – Mid – Hi along line until we hear the most gratifying feeling is. But do not screw too low or too high but remain within about 11h-1h.
  3. Next we adjust the total Echo section, for about 10-12h, and Hi to Low button at 12pm. Most importantly, tune RPT and dly. If you know how to sing and sing well should be adjusted little echo to his voice sounded better, adjust the sound is slightly softer. Dly, it should be around 11 to repeat the fast-1h will not repeat negative feeling.
  4. Coordinate the music and microphone so that reasonable. Should adjustment smaller than the mic music to highlight the voices of people singing, avoid singing the music louder. Such refining also help light mic singing sensation does not take much effort to sing the music.
  5. After completing the above tweaks, when necessary I will adjust to small in overall master volume is

Note the Mic and amply adjusted to improve stability and reliability

  • When we see singing voice heavy with the increase of the midfield line up button, you remember to turn slowly not abruptly will cause howls.
  • If you want English to be chopped and sprayed aerosol, we added a little at Hi button on Micro and line Echo line total.
  • If singing is not thick, I rose gently Echo button on line Micro and Low buttons on Echo line total.
    As we increase the buttons have to twist slowly and gently to avoid howling easily lead to damaged speakers.
  • If the system is howling, the fastest processor instruction is reduced a little volume on the microphone or line Echo button and the button on the microphone line.
  • Micro fine not also partly caused howling sound, microphones cheap or poor quality voice will sing but not real light and prone to howling.
  • Currently on the market there are different types of microphones, various quality, from budget to luxury. You should choose the type of microphone for karaoke, not to choose the cheapest or microphone for alo alo kind to karaoke. The senior mciro often against howling system is integrated inside looks so you can be assured.

micro Bonus MB-999

Select amply karaoke, then you should choose a larger power amplifier speaker total capacity of more than 30%. That makes the sound is honest, strong, and no damaged equipment.

When you have completed the steps to align on, your system has been stable and the best fit between the devices. You will feel markedly different vocal sounds emanating from the speakers … in the best way. And it also helps to increase the stability and reliability of the entire speaker system as well as your family’s karaoke time.

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