Processor Digital Bonus MK-336S


Vang số, mixer digital karaoke Bonus MK-336S

Bonus Audio introduces premium digital mixer MK-336S for karaoke. This is a line of high-grade oak, high quality sound, honest, high detail in each tone of music. This is a product from the brand Bonus Audio – a manufacturer of audio equipment, professional karaoke equipment, modern.

Using MK-336S bonus mixer, every setup will be adjusted by computer so very accurate detail. The most striking feature is that it is possible to setup wireless easily and simply.

Using the MK-336S Bonus Mixer, you will not have to worry about the noise, noise, and sound quality, as well as the microphone’s squeaking will be limited to the best, making the music sound. honest, clean and more detailed. In addition, the MK-336 Bonus Mixer has the ability to separate bass, midrange and high notes while playing music so that you do not mix, making you enjoy each instrument in the most clear. In addition, the MK-336S Mixer Bonus uses very powerful power, will bring you astonishing surprise; The sound of the background music is sharp, the singing escapes the soothing and soothing sweetness.
The music is much better thanks to the digital equalizer system, which can be adjusted extremely efficiently and flexibly with each frequency in the frequency range from 20Hz to 20KHz.
The MK-336S Bonus Composer features a built-in compressor that controls, controls, sets thresholds for input audio strength and sound level. In addition, the MK-336S Digital Bonus Mixer has a flexible and intelligent correction function for subwoofer speakers, enhancing bass performance for subwoofers.


  • Nice design, luxury: Mixer Bonus MK-336S is designed very nicely, beautiful and luxurious, compact design, outstanding control buttons, harmonious combination on the black background of the device. the overall beauty of the traditional but still extremely luxurious; The look is solid and extremely sturdy.
  • Top-of-the-line audio processing system: Mixer Bonus MK-336S reproduces echoes and reveals accurately, giving the microphone a high-performance sound, such as escape. Low power consumption, not hot when operating long, extremely high durability.
  • Usability and Benefits: The MK-336S Mixer Bonus can fit into any of your professional audio systems, ensuring true-to-life, high-quality sound.
  • Automatically balance the input signal, limiting the status of music played at small time by the song of the current karaoke player.
  • Product stability is very high, error rate and distortion are very low, less deviation, distortion due to long time use thanks to high precision digital technology.

Some other highlights:

  • Three separate Micro lines
  • 01 input signal line
  • 03 output signal line
  • Customizable Echo and Delay functions
  • LEDs display Echo and Delay frequencies
  • Customizable Microphone and Timer.
  • Advanced anti-howling function … extremely useful, and easy to use.
Manufacture Bonus Audio
Product Type Mixer DSP
Product Bonus MK-336S
DSP Main IC The ADSP-21375 of ADI
MHz/RAM 266MHz / 0.5Mbit
Sampling Rate 48K
Sampling Precision 24bit
DAC Chip Take Enthusiast CS4398
EQ Mic1:15 segments
Mic2:15 segments
Music:7 segments
Echo:3 segments
Rev:3 segments
Main:7 segments
Cen:7 segments
Sub:5 segments
Sur:7 segments
Record:3 segments
Limiter Mic,Main,Cen,Sub,Sur
THE HOST FEATURE Frequency 20Hz~20kHz,±0.1dB
THD Mic:0.04% 20Hz~20KHz;
Music:0.01% 20Hz~20KHz
Connecet RS232、USB、WIFI
Feedback Control Built-in DSP feedback inhibition advanced algorithms.
Key Control In support of  rise-fall tone for music.
MIC Bass Boost Improve thick degree of mic effectively.
Multi-level Password Protection Yes
Available Memory Capacitance 16
Display 1602 LCD
Power AC 220V/50Hz
Consumption 10W
Dimension(LxWxH) 483mm x 218.5mm x 47.5mm
Weight 3.5kg
Input Interface 3 lines mic input,two-mic handle,the effect volume of Single mic is adjustable,The volume can be adjusted by potentiometer independently.
Impedance 10KΩ
Input Gain -∞~0dB
Max Input 120mV(effect:0dB,input gain:0dB)@1kHz
250mV(effect:-∞dB,input gain:0dB)@1kHz
Input Interface 2 stereo RCA
Input Impedance 47KΩ
Max Input 1.2V@1kHz
Đầu ra Outgoing Interface 6 lines XLR-3(Main L/R、Cen、Sub、Sur L/R)
Output Impedance 100Ω
Max Output
  • 10V @1kHz