Amplifier digital karaoke Bonus DSP-24D

Amply karaoke digital Bonus DSP-24D

Amply karaoke digital Bonus DSP-24D

Amply karaoke digital Bonus DSP-24D

Bonus digital karaoke amplifier DSP-24D is the professional karaoke amplifier, modern research and development by Bonus Audio – Manufacturer of audio equipment, professional karaoke equipment.

Bonus DSP-24D amply with the parameters and technical specifications far beyond the usual standard karaoke amplifier. The perfect combination between traditional echo amply technology and DSP technology. Capacity up to 1200W amplifier. In addition, DSP-24D Bonus Amply also integrates Bluetooth 4.0 standard advanced should be able to use your phone, tablet player with ease
Feedback against advanced technology, can not be “howling”, this feature is that there is currently no line on the market karaoke amply equipped. One other striking feature is the ability to preset the startup volume and maximum volume level control quickly and easily.

This is the Class D amplifier technology karaoke advanced, helping the amplifier always operate with efficiency over 90%. Mode protection against over temperature, overload, overcurrent, touch load, DC the speaker, helps increase the life and performance of the amplifier. Bonus DSP-24D amply supports independent ouput: Main output, surround, center, subwoofer can adjust each specific output.
100v to 240v power source autovol (± 10%) or DC 120V, allowing the amplifier can operate stably in any other region, despite the unstable power grid.

Products are distributed and genuine warranty in Phan Nguyen Audio.

Manufactor Bonus Audio
Product Type Amply karaoke
Product Mode DSP-24D
Input Micro 03 LINE
Aux, Karaoke,Bluetooth 4.0
OUTPUT signal :Main output , surround, center , subwoofer.
power : 600w x 2ch/8Ω=1200w  or  1200w x 2ch(4Ω)=2400w
Limiter boot volume, Maximum volume.
Feedback technology yes.
Display LCD YES.
Remot control YES; Customer options.
PROTECT Overvoltage, overload, over temperature, DC Protect Speaker.
Size (HxWxD)mm 68 x 484 x 310
Machine Weight 4.5kg

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